Nói Hà Nội!

Speak, Hanoi! An adventurous series of spoken word performances in Vietnamese and English.


The first Noi Hanoi reading was held on November 28, 2011. Here are some of the participants:

Mary Croy: Mary is an English teacher and poet from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s lived in Vietnam since 2007.

Phi (Peter) QuangHuy: Huy is founder of the Bookshelf Project, which helps handicapped people support themselves and connect with their communities. Huy and Mary Croy met in 2005 when Mary first came to Viet Nam as a volunteer. Together they read “Wonderful Mother”.

Nguyen Bao Chan: Bao Chan, born in 1969, is a member of the Vietnam Writer’s Association. Her major publications include Burned River, Barefoot in Winter, and Thorns in Dreams.

Jacob Evans: Jacob is a writer, artist, art teacher, and occasional book designer. He’s published writing in literary magazines, websites, blogs, and the men seeking women section of Craigslist.

Nathan Wilkinson: Is Canadian, an NGO worker, and has no family yet.

Marianne Brown: She’s from Scotland. She’s lived in Hanoi, on and off, for four years. She read “Sunday Afternoon.”

Nguyen Qui Duc: Duc wrote the one book (Where the Ashes Are: The Odyssey of a Vietnamese Family then decided it’s easier to edit and translate. Behind The Red Mist by Ho Anh Thai, The Time Tree, Poemsby HuuThinh are a few. Duc’s lived all over the world. He’s been a radio producer, documentary filmmaker, playwright, journalist.

Andy Engelson: Andy is a writer and editor from the US. Before moving to Hanoi, Andy worked as a magazine editor and freelance arts journalist. He’s currently working on a novel set in the Northwest United States during World War II. He is an organizer of the Hanoi Writers’ Collective.

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